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Sabtu, 04 Agustus 2012


Assalamu'alaikum...ada yang baru lo buat SGY kita...
Jeng... Jeng...
Ini dia :



  • Do this at your own risks >>> DWYORs
  • Obviously, it'll void your warranty and has the potential to damage your device.
  • Please dont say this rom doesnt have this or that app.
  • This rom is highly minimalistic.
  • Most probability it wont have that app.
  • You can obtain the ditched apps from '' .
  • Beware,it's not a flashable zip.
  • If anything goes wrong please post the problem here.
  • Dont pm me for that. 
  • Other users can view those problems and possible fixes if you post it here in the thread.

What's under the hood :

  1. Rooted,Deodexed,zipaligned,has init.d support etc..
  2. Based on DDLE1 firmware
  3. A2SD
  4. TW launcher
  5. MIUI music player
  6. This is a minimalist rom. there is around 99 mb free in the system partition.
  7. Scrolling cache is disabled for smoother scrolling.
  8. Lidroid 15 toggles.
  9. 6 lockscreens
  10. swipe to remove notification
  11. The kernel by savie has 4 usable frequencies.
  12. 832MHz,624MHz,468MHz,and 312MHz.
  13. 18 governers, 5 I/O schedulers are added.
  14. Droid wall
  15. EXT4
  16. cifs
  17. swap
  18. Dualboot
  19. bacem tweak
  20. Undervolt
  21. Default undervolt value is 100mV
  22. Exellent battery life.
  23. Small footprint.
  24. Bootanimation,boot sounds,and shutdown sounds are removed.


  1. Download the Rom zip file and ''.
  2. Put them on your sd card.
  3. Switch of your phone and reboot into cwm recovery.This is important because if you are using stock recovery it'll get stuck in the splash screen.
  4. Install the rom zip file through cwm.
  5. Wipe data and cache.
  6. Flash the ''
  7. Reboot the system and you are good to go.

You may have to wait a bit for the rom to boot.It'll seem like it is stuck at the splash screen but it's not.There won't be any bootanimation.So dont panic.Just wait.

Credits and Thanks
Thanks to savie for the kernel.
And all the fellow members of xda sgy forums...
If i've forgot someone,send me a pm or punch me in my face!

This part is dedicated to the older releases


1.Stock gb browser force closes.
2.Text not showing in alarmclock.
3.Download percentage not shown properly in status bar.

FIX : Flash the '' through stock recovery or cwm.


EVO kernel by savie :-

Official source :

Post all the bugs and problems below, InsyaALLOH I'll send them to the Dev.

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