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Jumat, 04 Mei 2012


Special Thanks for ALLAH S.W.T. and my parents

Credits :
  1. Jmkl Six / kill3d as Dysmenorrhea themes creator
  2. RepencisROM, HybridROM, TinutuanROM and all Samsung Galaxy Young developers
  3. All members of (Temporary) Official Grup gYoung, xda forum and Android-Indonesia forum
  4. You...
Features : 
  • Fade in/out, flying and several animations
  • Semi transparent of statusbar and blue-prodigy image notificationbar
  • 14 tooglesbar with bug on flashlight function ( need fix )
  • Quickpannel setting.apk included
  • Semi ICS Mod Settings.apk included
  • TaskManager Mod.apk included
  • Update icons on statusbar and notification bar 

Compatible for :
  • STOCKROM >>> DXLB1, DXLC1 and DXLE1 deodexed or similar version
  • Several CUSTOM ROM based on DXLB1 and DXLC1 , such as :
    1. RepencisROM v2.x and v3
    2. HybridROM v2.x
    3. newer update of BazzROM
    4. TinutuanROM v2
    5. others CustomROM based on DXLB1 and DXLC1 or similar and newer version

How to Install  ????
  1. Download theme and place it on sdcard/(here)
  2. Reboot your phone into Recovery Mode
  3. Choose "Apply update from sdcard"
  4. Flash Clockwork Mod ( CWM )
  5. Select " install zip from sdcard "  >>>  " choose zip from sdcard "
  6. Choose " Blue prodigy vx.x theme " and wait for several times up to applying process is completed
  7. And then " reboot system now "
  8. Enjoy the theme sob... 

Download link :

If you respect , like or love with my work,,, 
please don't mirror the download link guys....;)

and please give me your comment below...
because it's very important for the next version of my project...

7 komentar:

  1. Kalo dipake buat StockROM yang blm di deodexed bisa gak nh Gan??

    1. wah...blom nyoba kk...
      coba aja dulu...

      tapi jangan lupa buat back-up framework-res.apk sma SystemUI.apk punya kk yg lama...

    2. Backup nya pake TitaniumBackup atau pake CWM gan??

    3. copy aja sistemUI.apk di system/app dan framework-res.apk di system/framework lewat RootEx ke sdcard ente...

    4. Cman itu aja kan gan?? Trus nanti backup nya dibikin jadi satu sama file .zip nya ya gan..??

    5. Gan, ane udah install. tapi kok setting.apk saya hilang?? Kira bisa dibantu gak?? atau di market ada gak yang buat setting??

    6. udah ane jawab di forum AI kk


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