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Jumat, 15 Juni 2012

Creed's Fusion ROM Family

A        : Hai...ada yang baru lo....( pamer )
B        : Apa ???
C        : Ha....Masak gak tau sih.....( congkak )
B        : Beneran.... ane kagak tau...apasih ??? ( wajah bingung, mlonga-mlongo )
C        : Beneran nih mau tahu....???
B        : Iya....
A        : Kasih tau gak yah ????
B        : Kasihlah kk...(sambil pasang muka melas)
A + C : WANI PIRO ??? xixixixixixixi ( sombo** )
B        : Hmmmm......DASAR KOPLAK LU BERDUA.....( kwkwkwkwkwkwkwk )

Hahahahaha...makin ****** aja nih ane...hehehehehehe
Yaudah...ketimbang ntar kejadian kayak yang di atas terjadi lagi...nih silahkan kk-kk semua baca ya....xixixixixixi...

Welcome to Creeds ..!
Setelah bisa dibilang sukses dengan varian CR v2.x nya...


Based on DDLC3, but work on DXLB-DXLE too


Whats in Creeds' Fusion v3.0??
Basic Features Like:
-Root-(SU Access)

Other Stuffs:
-Creeds' Home v2.0 ~Hot
5 Docks
Auto Alphabetical Arrangement
4x4 Icons on one Page of Menu
(So You Get Total Of 21 Apps on one Page Instead Of Stock 16)
Infinite Home Screen Loop Removed
Upto 9 HomeScreens
Page Indicator At Bottom
Whole New Touchwiz UI
List View
Apps Background in List View

-System Themed Lunar UI
-Other Icon Packs of Lunar UI

-Swipe to Remove Notification
-Custom Bootanimation Enabled
-Creeds' Signature Animations and other UI's
-Transparent UI Look
(You Can see Live Wallpapers/Wallpaper behing all apps)
-Transparent Lockscreen

-Status Bar Mods (Use EDT App)
Change Clock Colours to your wish
Change Battery Style to Your Wish
Battery Percentage Optional
Add Your Custom Text On Status Bar

-Lidroid 14 Toggles
Use Quickpanel Settings to Toggle and Change Sequence (Optional,not included in rom)
Enabled Overscroll Mod in Toggles Area
Smaller Toggle area with no text or indicators like Cyanogen

-Using MIUI Music Player
-Keyboard Bug Fix from version 2.5 on transparent UI
-Smooth Scroll
-Minor Bloatwares Removed

Changes in Fusion v3.1

-This is a Common Bug Fix Update of 3.0 .Dont Update if You Dont Have any Problems Using v3.0.
-Apps Top Borders Fixed
-3x4 Keyboard Fix
-Added ICS Keyboard
-Some more, dun remember now

Changes in Fusion v3.2

-Creeds Parts ~Hott

-Battery History,Information & Statistics via Creed Parts
-FlipMute for Incoming Calls via Creed Parts
-Window/Transition Animation Speed Set & Font Size Selection via Creed Parts
-Status Bar Toggles Selection/Order via Creed Parts
-Samsung Secret Codes , Startup Manager System App Mnager via Creed Parts
-Lockscreen Selection via Creed Parts
-Unlock Via Menu Key via Creed Parts
-Lockscreen Gestures and Custom Apps On Lockscreen via Creed Parts

-15 Status Bar -Added Wifi Hotspot

-8 Lockscreen Mod including:
CyanogenMod Sliding Tab Unlock
CyanogenMod Ring Unlock
CyanogenMod Lens Unlock
CyanogenMod Rotatory Unlock
CyanogenMod Rotatory Revamped Unlock
Samsung Circle Unlock
Samsung Sliding Tab Unlock
Samsung Circle Unlock

-Smooth Scrolling (Scrolling Cache Disabled)
-Creeds Home Improved
-Some Bloatware Removed

Changes in Fusion v3.5

-All the Major Problems Fixed (USB Lockscreen Problem + Signal Bars Problem)
-New UI Inspired from both Touchwiz and ICS
-Improved Status Bar Mods
-Battery Bar Options
-Options to Choose Battery Bar Height
-Battery Bar Color/Transarency Customizable
-Signal/Battery Text Options
-Custom Fonts Available for Clock and Signal Texts
-New Improved Touchwiz Launcher (Full Credits : zcop)
-5 Docks With Landscape Support
-System Performance Improves
-New Animations
-Much More Stable than Previous Versions
-Improved MMS app with theme support
-No Receipient limit on Message App
-No Auto SMS to MMS Coversion

Cara Installasi :
1.  Install Clockwork Mod Recovery ( bisa dilihat di thread ane sebelumnya.... )
2.  Download Creed'sROM dan simpan ke  SD card-mu.
Matikan SGY-mu dan restart ke mode recovery menggunakan kombinasi tombol berikut :
                 Volume UP + Home Button + Power Button

4.  Lakukan  Data Wipe.
5.  Pilih "Apply update from sdcard"
6.  Flash Clockwork Mod ( CWM )
7.  Pilih " install zip from sdcard  >>>  choose zip from sdcard "
8.  Pilih " Creed's ROM v x.x " dan tunggu selama beberapa menit hingga proses installasi selesai
9.  Lalu pilih " reboot system now "
10.Enjoy !!!

Bahan-bahan :

Creeds' Fusion v3.0 : HERE
Creeds' Fusion v3.1  : HERE
Creeds' Fusion v3.2 : HERE
Creed v3.5                    : HERE 

Before Downloading Creeds' Fusion v3.2 Read This :

Bugs in This Rom:
1.Status Bar Signals Arent Properly Shown
2.This Is a bit Major Problem(will be Sorted Soon)
  -Problem Lies With the LockscreenMod All 3 Lockscreens From Smamsung Runs Fine
   But When You Connect USB With any of the  CyanogenMod Lockscreen Phone Hangs Badly 
   and then Requires a Reboot.

1.AOSP Lockscreen : Here


AndroidOn - For Smooth Scrolling by Disabling Scrolling Cache
Lidroid-For the 15 Status Bar Toggles
Lidroid-For Flipmute/Lockscreen Mod and More
Parasami-For Some reference to LockscreenMod
CyanogenMod Team -For their Lockscreen and Some More Settings
RomanBB For the StatusBar Tweaks
R3DX For the Lunar UI Theme


Official thread on 

Resiko kerusakan yang terjadi merupakan tanggung jawab Anda.


7 komentar:

  1. di dxlb1 Competibel gx nic????
    n direcomendasikan creed versi brapa???

    1. coba aja dolo....
      rekomendasi ane CR terbaru...;)

  2. ohw disini to gan???
    bisa lngsung flash CF yg v3.2 pa harus V3.o dulu gan??

  3. untuk DXLC1 kompatibel ga?

    1. lB1, LC1, LE1...InsyaALLOH compatible...

      cuman kmungkinan g bisa update FW via Kies,,,karena FWnya beda sama based nih ROM...


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