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Minggu, 24 Juni 2012

[Theme] BLUE PCB Theme

BLUE PCB Theme for SGY GT-s5360 is a port and modification theme of PCB THEME by scar45 (of Team Broccoli).
At first, I made this theme dedicated for RepencisRom v3.5 Advance, but perhaps my theme is compatible with several deodexed StockROMs and CustomROMs too.... >>> See some explanations below...

Special Thanks for ALLAH S.W.T. and my parents

Credits :
  1. scar45 (of Team Broccoli)
  2. RepencisROM TeamDev, lidroid, pratyus.creed and all Samsung Galaxy Young developers
  3. All members of (Temporary) Official Grup gYoung, xda forum and Android-Indonesia forum
  4. And unforgettable person,,, YOU....;ngakaks
ScreenShoots :

Features Included: 
  • New animations
  • Semi Transparent of statusbar and notificationbar background
  • 14 tooglesbar 100% fix with flashlight feature
  • Quickpannel setting.apk
  • MMS.apk transparentMod
  • TaskManagerMod.apk
  • EDT tweaks support
  • GalleryICS.apk included >>> remove Galery3D.apk
  • Contact, DealerTabActivity and Phone.apk with PCB Mod
  • Etc.....just try and feel the PCB taste.....

Compatibility :
  • STOCKROM >>> DXLB1, DXLC1 and DXLE1 deodexed or similar version
  • Several CUSTOM ROMs based on DXLB1, DXLC1 and newer version 

Ingredients :
  2. Blue PCB Final 
  3. PCB (Circuit Board) Wallpapers >>> *Addition Wallpaper >>> extract it

How to Apply  ????
  1. Download 2 ingredients above and place it on sdcard/(here)
  2. Reboot your phone into Recovery Mode
  3. Choose "Apply update from sdcard"
  4. Flash Clockwork Mod ( CWM ).zip
  5. Select " install zip from sdcard "  >>>  " choose zip from sdcard "
  6. Choose " " >>> wait and reboot
  7. Reboot your device into recovery mode again and repeat 3-5 steps
  8. Then, choose " Blue PCB Final " >>> wait and reboot again
  9. Succes !!! and Enjoy the theme sob... 

Bugs Fix Updated

ChangeLogs :
  1. Fix bugs on popup text in the popup of system message
  2. New icon in the AOSP lockscreen ( change to blue colour )
  3. Feel the differents...;)
Download Link : CLICK HERE 
flash it via CWM after you've flashed and Blue PCB Final first.... guys...;)

A Solution If You Lost Your Statusbar / got SystemUI FC message

  1. Flash "" via CWM >>> reboot >>> wait until SDcard scanning prosses completed.
  2. Reboot again to CWM recovery and flash " Bugs Fix Updated " >> reboot
  3. Good luck guys...hope you'll get your awesome statusbar again....;)

*Other threads :
@xda >>>
@FB  >>>

*Note :
  1. Always " DO WITH YOUR OWN RISKS " OK !!!

If you respect, like or love with my works,,, 
please don't mirroring the download link without my permission,,, guys....;)

please give me your comment(s) below...
because it's very important for the my next project

salam ;ngakaks.... ;)

 @dba's theme

23 komentar:

  1. ane bisa nanya gan, apakah gak apa2 apabila setelah update step 1 dan reboot HH ane malah minta yang step 2 nya, mohon pencerahan gan.

    1. hahahah...tulisannya emg bgitu...tapi cukup ikutin tutor yang ada aja....;D

  2. Gan.,klw udh instal rprencis v3.5.,klw mw instal fix update'x.,langsung az kh.,atw msti instal flas light step 1 dlu sprti tutor di atas..

  3. Di stockROM DXLE nglag bnget gan? Knapa ya?

    1. udah deodexed ???
      kalo nge-lag jangan cman salahin nih theme gan...salahin juga aplikasi yg ente install...


    2. Ya udah lah gan... Sbelum make ini theme smooth ko gan...

    3. yaudah kalo gitu sob..flash aja back-upan theme sobat sebelumnya, jikalau Anda kurang begitu suka sama theme ini...;D

  4. gan ane kan udah pernah instal flash light step 1 dan step 2 waktu ane masang theme repencis, dan skarang ane masih make tuh tema, kalo ane mo masang theme blue PCB ini apakah jga harus install flash light step 1 di atas pa nggak??trus ane kan masih masang theme repencis,klo ane lngsung install ni theme gmna??po lbih baik flash stock rom dulu aja???
    maaf klo pnjelasannya terlalu ribet,,mohon pncerahannya...

    1. nggak kok...
      ckup flash punya ente >>> flash Blue PCB themes >>> update fix


  5. nggak fungsi gan update fix nya, ane dah flash update fix nya, tapi bug nya masih ada...

    1. owh...emang bug yang masih ente rasain apa sob ???

  6. banyak yang force close terus...

    1. ente udah baca smua tutor dkk di atas dg teliti blom sob ???

  7. maaph gan adba
    bisa bagi clock widget nya g???

    1. yg analog apa yg ada tgl dkk

    2. yg pke tgl gan....
      ane dagh tanya mbah google tp g ktemu jg

    3. owh itu UCCW...kalo mau ntar ane uploadtin...

  8. gan, kira kira ini tema bisa di cusrom laen ga? misalnya ussr v6 gitu ?


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